Clinik project selection announcement – 2014 (Round One)

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Docskool announces selection of the following projects for Clinik 2014 development lab. The undermentioned projects have made it through to the first round of the Clinik development support program for 2014. Upon development, projects will have to be re-submitted and go through a second selection round for round two production support program of Clinik.

Docskool thanks over 25 filmmakers whose projects have been overseen by our selection group. We wish all projects that have not made through the best of success and look forward to receiving your projects in the 2015 version of Clinik.

Projects currently selected are required to submit a 300 dpi picture of the applicant and additional graphic elements of the selected project to Docskool by the 25th of April 2014.

Project Code  Project Title
009 – 14 – PK GOOGLY
006 – 14 – PK JEHAN
010 – 14 – SL WOMB
005 – 14 – MN ONE SUMMER DAY
011 – 14 – NP HOME BOUND
003 – 14 – NP THE MAID
004 – 14- BD T-SHIRT

List of projects selected for the first round development program of CLINIK 2014. Decisions regarding selection are irrevocable. Project selection will not be discussed under any circumstances.

Special notice to Afghanistan based projects: Due to VISA complications for afghan nationals traveling to Nepal, we recommend afghan participants to process their visa formalities in advance and ask for them to come in contact with the travel desk at Clinik soon.

Submission of Films now open for NCS

Nepal Cine Symposium announces Submissions Open for films seeking representation at the Something Like a Film Festival (SLFF). SLFF is the official festival component of Nepal Cine Symposium observed for 5 days in Kathmandu together with the symposium. SLFF is a non-competetive public and professional film exhibition space that empowers the understanding of cinema in the region. As the focus festival of NCS – special attention is provided to get the finest South Asian works while equal attention allows films from across the world to travel to Kathmandu.

SLFF Categories

1. Industry Screening

Acting as a programmers haven, Industry Screening brings together pre- release feature films from SOuth Asia that seek festival participation, distribution, sales and further release support. Industry screenings at SLFF are private shows open only to industry delegates. Films representing at this category do not loose festival premiere opportunities as other festivals.

2. Everest To Male

Is a segment festuring long range features from South Asia. Focus is placed on projects that have breakthrough cultural and structural impacts on local cinema.

Submissions is open for films made by South Asian filmmakers within South Asia on local contents. Minimum TRT for submission is 70 minutes. This segment doesnot concern premiere screenings. Films are selected on their cultural value and on the exposure to cinematic styles.

3. Celebration of Shorts

Programs shorts made by South Asian and other filmmakers. Films are selected on the bases of presentation style and storetelling abilities. The segment is open for shorts between 15 – 30 minutes. Minimum trt for shorts is 15 minutes.

4. World Features

This special segments allows audiences in Kathmandu to visit films that would have otherwise not be seen on a Kathmandu screen. SLFF attempts to program together films from across the globe that have contributed phenomenally over the last couple of years in cinematic representation.

Public recommendation is open in this category to suggest films that audiences in Kathmandu wish to view.

5. Thematic Screening

Is an open format screening of films that adhere to themes that SLFF has picked for a season. Themes for 2014 are: sexuality, impunity, post- conflict transition and diaspora culture.


Submission forms will soon be available online. Required documents include:

- A DVD licensed to the sender

- Film’s synopsis with a logline

- An online trailer on youtube/vimeo

- Poster and other promotion works for the film

- Director’s biography with photo

- Film Stills

All submissions and queries need to be made to:




Docskool, P.O.Box: 4648,

Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 4251335/ 9851108338

Renewed logistic cost for Clinik Participants

This is to inform all that logistic cost for Clinik participants has been renewed.

This will effect the boarding cost for applicants selected for the weeklong workshop to be held between 14 – 21st of June 2014. The new cost per person per day is fixed at 35 USD. A weeklong board for 7 nights will be 245 USD, all payments need to be made directly to the logistic facility and not Docskool.  The earlier price was 50 USD per person. The cost includes bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner per day at the TEWA center in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur where the event will be held.

Clinik applications have been extended until the 5th of April 2014.

Clinik Project Submission Form

For those of you who are planning to submit a project for Clinik – 2014 lab, please be informed that the submission datelines have been extended until the 5th of April 2014. However there will be no further extensions and all interested filmmakers are requested to submit projects within this period.

Also please use the following Submission form to send in your application. The form must be filled, completed and signed before submission. We recommend that you send in a .pdf file during submission. All submissions must accompany required documents together.


Open house concludes with 1000 + arrivals

Docskool has concluded a week of presentations and open styled interactions on docskool’s work range. Its been 5 years since we came to existence, the open house marked docskool’s lead interest to open public voices in localising work agendas.

During the weeklong open house, meetings were conducted with specific stakeholders including film producers, human right activists, visual artists among others. The open house has marked a new collaboration prospect between docskool and produhcers association of nepal.


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Docskool Open house 2014 : 10- 17th March

Docskool will be hosting an open house for a week between 10 – 17th of march 2014. The Open House has been designed as an interactive space to link the public and key stakeholders with Docskool’s work range and the approaches behind. It marks Docskool’s fifth year in existence and has been designed specially to bridge the gap between Nepal Cine Symposium and Kathmandu’s public.

The Open House encourages public participation and general voices in Docskool’s work and several spaces have been created specially to enable voices to be heard.

A series of discussions, presentations, installations and more are lined up all week. Here are a few key events happening at the open house.

Press Meet on Nepal Cine Symposium and Open House // 10th March 2:00 p.m

Wednesday// 12th March

Artists meet on art programming at the 2nd Nepal Cine Symposium : 4:00 p.m.// 12th March

( This event has been organised to link artist voices in art presentations at the symposium. As an open forum concept, NCS enables artists from various fields of work to present their work and to build networking at the program. Open to artists, prior registration is important)

Thursday// 13th March

11: 00 a.m. Interaction between producers, producer association and Docskool

(This event has been designed as an interaction between producers and producer’s association in Nepal and how their projects can be linked to the Nepal Chalchitra Haat at NCS 2014. Open exclusively to producers, prior registration is needed.)

3:00 p.m. Interaction on right to information and freedom of expression from a cinema focal point

(This event is open to human right activists, development sector workers, students, media practitioners and press. The event aims to talk about right to information linking it to cinematic contents and how it is perceived in Nepal.)

Friday// 14th March

2:00 p.m. Interaction with filmmakers and Film Development Board on possible partnership with NCS

(This event is an attempt to bring the filmmakers and the government authority together into a table to discuss the policies about co-production and how together it can bring the best for the development of cinema in Nepal. )

Re- notice for Docskool Annual film lab

This is a revised notice for the 5th Docskool Annual film lab that was postponed in September 2013 due to the Constitution Assembly elections. Please be informed that the new dates are: 12th April 2014 – 15th May 2014

The Docskool Annual Film Lab is Docskool’s key networking event and engages upto 10 highly capacitated young film aspirants into a month long program empowering the understanding of cinema and its practice.

For applications please call 4251335

The workshop will be held for a month in Kathmandu with evening and weekend sessions held alternatively. Timings and session preferences may be selected by the participants. Anyone above the age of 18 and with a strong interest in working with cinema in Nepal may apply. The workshop is only open for Nepali citizens.

Application Form wrkshop

Workshop contents include:

- Film History and appreciation

- Storytelling and script understanding

- Cinematography and editing

- Independent and group projects